Better than Reality TV

If you ever get the chance to visit the Hudson Valley in New York, take the opportunity to see some of the grand old houses there if you can.  Not only are the houses beautiful, but many of them are sited to take in the stunning views of the Hudson River Valley and surrounding countryside.  They have housed descendants of some of the earliest families to settle the region, and some of the wealthiest families in the country.  They have been homes for statesmen and artists and writers.  Some of the houses are publicly owned now, and serve as museums or venues for events (like weddings!), and some are still in private hands.

Here’s a story from today’s New York times about the life of, and life in, one of these grand old houses.

It tells the story of the life of an old house in the middle ground, between being strictly preserved and completely modernized, of a house that is lived in and valued for what it was and what it could be.  It’s a great story.

For more information on houses in the Hudson Valley, see “The Great Estates Region of the Hudson River Valley”  by McKelden Smith and published by Historic Hudson Valley Press.

For up-to-date listing of happenings in the region see the FB page of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage area.!/pages/Hudson-River-Valley-National-Heritage-Area/143433620539


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